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Dogs and cats can carry a large amount of roundworms and tapeworms.  These are intestinal parasites which if left untreated can cause illness in your pet.  Approx 90% of puppies and 80% of kittens are born with worms so it is very important that new puppies and kittens should be worm dosed every fortnight until they are 12 weeks old, then dosed monthly until six months of age.  After that the average dog or cat should be worm dosed every three months i.e. four times annually.

The most common roundworm, "Toxacara", is a human health risk and can result in eye sight problems for children if a child ingests any eggs or larvae. It is therefore essential to worm dose your pet as recommended by your vet and always practice strict hygiene when handling pets. Not all worming products are similar and the amount of dose given depends solely on weight - so if you are unsure of your pet’s weight or which worm dose to give your pet we will be happy to weigh your pet and give you advice on the appropriate worm dose free of charge!

If you have any questions regarding worming or the effects of worms on your pet you can email us at or fill in the Enquiry Form. You can also check for new information posted on Our Newsletter page.

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